5 Common Eye Makeup Mistakes

Accomplishing a perfect and current eye -makeup look isn’t reliant of the measure of items utilized or how costly. There are a lot of things involved in ensuring a flawless eye-makeup look.

A decent eye cosmetics ought to be clean/clean, without complain (no dark liner running or mascara lines everywhere throughout the eye zone) after all your make-up is set up to upgrade and compliment the facial highlights not destroy it!

From drawing square shaped lines on the eyebrows to filling in with bruised eye pencils (which is everlastingly appalling), to utilizing jumbled establishment shade among other cosmetics socially awkward act, there are heaps of things to maintain a strategic distance from for an impeccable beat.

These pointers however help control you for an advanced, spotless and faultless beat.

1. Utilizing Black Mascara on the lower lashes

Abstain from utilizing dark mascara on the lower lashes (aside from you are a specialist at this like Jackie Aina!). Doing this throws a shadow on the undereye zone influencing it to look darker and chaotic.

2. Filling the whole temples

To fill in temples, begin along the thick ranges. Try not to attempt to modify where the temples top and abstain from filling in the whole forehead, this have a tendency to be excessively. Rather fill in territories with scanty hair.

3. Making square shaped and cruel lines with pencils

When filling the temples with pencil, utilize the side of the honed pencil delicately, abstain from utilizing the directed tip so as not toward wind up with brutal lines.

4. Rubbing Products harshly into the eye area

It’s important to handle the eye area delicately. The thin skin under the eye and over the eye lids should not be tugged and pulled when applying products, doing this irritate the area making products come out funny when applied.

5. Not priming the face and eye area

Get eye makeup to stay in place by priming and setting the eyelids and entire face and let sit before makeup application. This ensures products stay in place all day.


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