5 foods to start eating now for longer hairs!!

Are you tired after trying numerous DIYs to make your hair grow faster? Frustrating! Isn’t it? You have used all the high brand and drugstore hair shampoos, conditioner and serums. But all in vain? You must be well-known, and here we quote again, “Beauty lies within.” How long will the external treatments last? Why don’t you adopt an eating style that gives you healthy and longer hairs?

There are various reasons for hair loss and slow growth of hair. Blame it on your genes which make your hair weak. Today’s fast food lifestyle is one of the leading causes of hair loss. And do not forget the latest trend in the beauty industry- chemical treatment and hair color.

Well, it goes unsaid, guys desire for that perfect ‘salon look’ for them in today’s era. So guys and girls forget the countdown of hair growth by using several products. Etch the following 5 food nutrients on your 5 fingers and revise it over and over again. Be it split ends, hair loss or hair growth, the nutrients are powerful to strengthen your hair follicles and hair growth.

Let’s begin:


Eggs or Soybeans:

SoyaBeans & Eggs

The egg is the sole food item which holds the title of “highest biological value”- richest source of protein. What is protein? Ever thought where does all your energy come from or how you growth? The credit goes to protein! It is an energy building source in your body. Be it your muscles and even your hair. If you wish for shiny, healthy and longer hairs eats an egg.

Not an eggetarian? You need not worry. All the veggie eaters, soybeans are almost equivalent to protein content that of an egg. Relish on fresh soy milk or cooked soybeans for those curly locks.



OatsReally? Yes, fellas! You must have used oats for exfoliating the dead skin. Have you even given it a thought of eating oats? Start it from today! A bowl full of oats every day gifts you with strong hair growth.  Top it with fresh fruits and it will work wonders. So next time you take a handful of oats to apply on face, try eating it rather than applying!



Benefit of yellow fruits is more than a century old known! Isn’t it? After all give a loud applause for ‘Vitamin C’. It always comes to your rescue by its property of producing collagen that strengthens your skin and hair. It gives you a healthy glow naturally. Squeeze it on your salad daily or in water, the way you love it. Just do not skip it from your regular diet.

Oyster or Broccoli
Broccli & oyster

The yummy oyster and not so yummy broccoli (for few) is preloaded with iron. What does iron offer to you? It is a carrier of oxygen the one that keeps you alive. Eat them more often to give dazzling shine to your hair. If you are allergic to the oyster, consume broccoli. There are many ways to prepare delicious broccoli recipes.

Sea food or nuts for longer hairs:


The hair follicle is the base of your hair that keeps it strong. Oil glands surrounding the hair follicles give the radiant look to hair. What gives this mechanism the energy? Zinc! Eat seafood or the vegetarians out there you can have nuts. Allergic to these? Substitute them with whole grains which contain zinc.


With all these natural ways you can easily get healthy and longer hairs that accentuate your beauty.



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