Avoid Skincare Dangers to Have Healthy Glowing Skin

avoid skincare dangers

Beautiful skin is not just the result of your being lucky enough to win the genetic lottery. If you want to be proud of your clear, healthy skin then you have to avoid potential pitfalls that could damage your complexion.
Learn to care for your skin properly and your complexion will glow with health and vitality throughout the years!

Here are 7 common skin dangers that you must avoid at all costs:

Skin Suffers from High Levels of Stress

They don’t call those creases along the brow “worry lines” for nothing. When you are worried, the natural tendency is to grimace, frown or contort your face in ways that become repetitive over time. The results will create unwanted lines and creases on your skin.
High levels of stress also cause excessive chemical compounds to be produced by your brain and body. These chemicals can be destructive to your complexion and even damage the newer skin cells that are just beginning to take shape.

Find an outlet that helps you reduce your daily stress level. Exercise, yoga, reading, walking or meditation can help you achieve a healthy, stable balance for your emotions, mind and body.

Chlorine Compounds Skin Problems

Many people fail to shower after they have taken a swim in an outdoor pool. They assume that the chlorinated water has already cleaned their skin. Chlorine is a caustic chemical.

Sure, they use a lot of chlorine to keep pools safe and sanitary but chlorine can damage your skin, especially when you allow the residue to remain present on your face and body for hours at a time. Some people will suffer from skin rashes, hives or excessive dryness due to chlorine exposure. It has also been suggested that chlorine may actually cause acne flare-ups!

If you do swim be sure to lather up afterwards and thoroughly wash the chlorine from your face, body and hair.

Sunshine Is a Major Danger for your Skin

Among the top skin dangers to avoid you need to always remember to protect your skin against unnecessary exposure to UV rays. Sunshine is frequently cited as being the leading cause of premature aging of the skin.

Basking in the glow of the sun can create a leathery complexion, distinguished by deep lines and a weather-beaten appearance. The sun is also responsible for causing those random brown spots to appear on your skin. The UV light can even reach deep into the underlying skin tissue and permanently damage the new skin cells.

If you must spend time outdoors you need to remember that an application of sunscreen should be liberally applied to your face; and be sure to apply the sunscreen to any other areas of skin that will be exposed to the sun.

Don’t forget: hats aren’t just for fashion! Those wide brims protect the skin on your face from the sun’s rays!

Popping Pimples Is a No-No

Those zits, pimples and blackheads may be totally gross but you should never try to pick or pop the pustules. Attempting to open a pimple can backfire in just a few minutes. You can permanently scar your skin, worsen the appearance of that skin inflammation and set yourself up for a major infection all at the same time.

If pimples need to be eliminated you should always discuss the situation with a dermatologist or another qualified health professional. You are born with just “one skin” and you should always be practicing good skin care instead of taking risky chances!

If you care for your skin properly, the reward will be a radiant and healthy complexion you can be proud of.

Dangerous Diet Choices Negatively Affect your Skin

When you need to remember the best skin care tips always think about nutrition.

What you eat is going to affect your body, your skin, your hair and your health. If you are stuffing your belly with sugars, caffeine and other unhealthy food additives then how can you possibly expect to keep your skin looking young and radiant?

Keep your system hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water each day (64oz minimum!) Choose fresh fruits, dark leafy greens, delicious veggies and whole grains to add to your meals. Snack on fruits, granola, vegetables and nuts. With a healthy, well-balanced diet you can transform your physical appearance from mundane to marvelous in a matter of weeks.

Tanning Practices Wreak Havoc on Fragile Skin

Tanning should be banned for the sake of healthy skin.

Tanning beds can increase your risk of developing skin cancer in the future. UV rays from those tanning lights will age your skin, multiply those wrinkles and may even cause first and second degree burns on your skin. Each time you tan yourself you are destroying the surface skin cells, and this damage can extend well beyond the epidermal layers.

Imagine that the UV light is shooting dangerous missiles of radiation into the new skin cells that are being produced to replace the skin that has already been destroyed. There are some safe products that can add shades of tan-less color to your face and body, and these should be used to insure healthy skin when trying to achieve the sun-kissed glow without the harm!

Avoid Smoking for the Sake of Healthy Skin

Smoking is a very bad habit that is always going to result in poor health and bad skin.

Even if you do not see the changes at first, you will soon notice the negative impact that smoking has on your body. The nicotine stains and discolors the tips of your fingers and also leaves a discernible physical odor that is quite unpleasant, especially to non-smokers. Smokers will also develop more wrinkles around their face, eyes and mouth.

The nicotine and smoke damages your skin at every level and much of the damage will never be eradicated.

Healthy skin is a good indication of your physical and emotional condition.

If you adopt and follow a healthy lifestyle then the results will clearly show in your complexion. Smooth, clear skin is within your reach, but you are going to have to do your part to make it your reality. The result is skin you can be proud of!

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