Essentials For Oily Skin

Your T-zone includes your forehead, nose and chin; its essentially the parts you touch if you try to draw a ‘T’ on your face. For an oily skin (and sometimes combination skin) these are the places where blemishes; including acne and blackheads are common and unfortunately these are places people see first when they look at you so yes, it can be annoying!

We can control an oily T-zone in these ways

Use The Right Cleanser

Make sure you get the right cleanser for your skin type, Clarins Purify Water Step Cleanser is amazing and they are water based for oily and combination skin. Cleansers work better if you use one meant for your skin type. The Clarins duo cleanser is also good for combination and oily skin.

Use Facial Mask

Use a facial mask once a week to tackle blemishes; one that has tea tree oil works well. Use a formula/mask formulated for acne and oily skin like the Olive Peel of Facial Mask.

Use Pore Strips

Pore Strip work wonders in cleaning out the pores, this is necessary especially when you have blackheads. Avon Clear Skin Professional Liquid Extraction Strip works well to give you a visibly smoother skin. Always use a toner after using strips to close up your pores.

Use Cleansing Astringents

An Oily skin benefits a lot from astringents because they help to eliminate excess oil. (You don’t need an astringent if you don’t have an oily skin as they tend to dry you out).

Don’t Leave Home Without Blotting Sheets.

This minute beauty products works! To instantly get rid of excess shine without removing your make-up Elf Shiner Eraser Blotting Sheets works and they fit discreetly into your mobile make-up purse or bag for face refresh intervals. They are an absolute must

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