How to Contour Dark Skin for making it flawless?

All of us are not born with as glamorous body as that of a supermodel and despite this, we want to clear your disbelief that the contouring can’t change anything. So, what should you do? You can enhance and manipulate shadows and lights in order to emphasize more on what you already have rather than following things that are beyond your skills. Here we have some tips to contouring Dark Skin.

1. The first that we would advise would be use matte contours

matte Contour

Throw away your light yet reflective shimmer and focus on no makeup this season to keep the things simple, rich, vibrant and the most important point we need to mention here is use MATTE healthy and natural-looking contours. In the end, you can create your contours and warm up your complexion with a light finishing kiss of colors.

2. Mirror position

Mirror Position

Always keep your mirror straight to your vision in order to get the best makeup results.

3. Choose best of all shades

Best Shades

Contour Blushes are available in three shades, and all of these three shades are perfect for any skin tone. The blush shade depends on your interest in the contrast level for your dark skin type. However, Jane recommends starting with a shade that matches your skin tone and then following the second step. Palomaor the pink beige and the deep rose shade is considered perfect for the daytime use for the darker skin tones.

4. Always use the best quality tools


If you want to do your makeup in professional style, then you must use the best tools for sculpting, chiseling, and add shape. You may find their price a bit higher but believe us this is a one-time investment that will surely pay you in a long run.

5. Use the best make-up techniques for contouring the dark skin

Contouring for dark skin

Make sure you are using the best make-up techniques. Always check if you have dipped your brush in the compact in order to remove the excess makeup from your darker skin.

6. Application procedure

For the natural finishing, you simply need to push and pull the brush into the skin. You should initially start with the darker shade inside the holes of cheek, then move slowly to the temples along with the hairline. Apply one layer to the center of the forehead in order to give it a smaller look.

7. Handling highlight part

For highlighting, you need to look closely at the curves of your cheekbone starting from the lower side to the middle reaching the top, and think of an area where the natural light will fall. Always follow this thumb rule: always sweep across the cheekbone and move towards the temple. It will give an unexpected spotlight better than the natural one.

8. Think Big

Keep thinking like a makeup artist and create something new and vibrant. It will encourage you to think more and better.

You don’t have to worry while doing make-up. Make this an art and try new things with your dark skin before you actually go to the bed.

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