Micellar Water

Do you know about Micellar Water as the best makeup remover?

Have you heard about micellar water? Or even tried it? It’s beauty’s latest exciting invention.

Have you heard about micellar water? Or even tried it? It’s beauty’s latest exciting invention.

Micellar water is used in makeup remover, facial wash and even moisturizer.

The formula was reportedly developed in France for French women who couldn’t use “France’s harsh tap water” to clean their faces.

Micellar water isn’t some fancy ingredient as the name suggests, it’s actually “made up of micelles – tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules- suspended in soft water fast gaining reputation as the best when it comes as a makeup remover.

Top beauty brands Lancome and Garnier have made bestselling products out of this incredible ‘element’.

With the introduction of micellar water as makeup remover, the days of scrubbing the face with soap and water are over! Micellar water comes refreshingly gentle and hydrating because it doesn’t contain alcohol.

It lifts makeup off the skin and cleans off thoroughly. Using normal cotton pads or balls, micellar water can remove an entire face of makeup with leaving any oily residue behind.

The Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water is especially raved as a “must have cleanser containing ‘micellar technology‘ that attracts and lifts ways makeup, dirt and oil effortless leaving the skin thoroughly clean”. It comes safe to use on different skintypes because it’s extremely gentle yet effective.

Although experts recommend using it and a preferred cleanser for people with extremely oily skin, it doesn’t strip the skin of any nutrients it only dissolves and lifts makeup and its residue while leaving the skin nourished.

The best part of using micellar water as a makeup remover for me? You don’t have to rinse!

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