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Putting your best face forward doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy. It also doesn’t require you to invest in a suitcase to carry all the products you think you need to look and feel gorgeous!

A few well-chosen, well-applied items can bring out your natural beauty without you having to stand in front of the mirror for hours. (You also won’t have to spend half your paycheck on a bunch of products you might only use once!)

Here are 7 basic necessities for a simple and effective daily beauty regime:


Regardless of what products you plan to put on your face, you need to start off with a super clean slate. It’s also essential at the end of the day to use a good cleaning product to remove all the junk that has accumulated on your skin. [easyazon_link identifier=”B00U0WJN4C” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”freshfaceclub-20″ cart=”y” cloak=”y” localize=”y” popups=”y”]Getting rid of makeup[/easyazon_link], dirt and toxins is essential for a great looking complexion.

Choosing the cleanser that’s right for you and your skin type can be tricky, though. There are products for young or aging skin, damaged, dry or oily skin and a host of others that focus on specific skin needs. Seek a consultation with a licensed cosmetologist will provide you with expert advice on what will work to keep your skin in its best condition.

Moisturizer with SPF

No matter what age you are, moisturizer is a key ingredient to keep you looking beautiful. Designed to hydrate and seal moisture in your skin, a good facial lotion, applied after cleansing both morning and evening, can hide a multitude of otherwise problematic behaviors for your skin (like high alcohol consumption, smoking and excessive sun, all of which are dehydrating to your skin.)

Speaking of sun exposure, it is crucial that you choose a moisturizer that has a decent SPF sunscreen in it to protect your face from damaging sun exposure. Another great feature of moisturizer is that there are many brands which are tinted to compliment your skin tone. That eliminates the need for a full foundation and streamlines your morning routine.

Translucent Face Powder

Cleansing properly and moisturizing day and night will keep your skin in great condition, but that’s just the beginning!

Now it’s time to seal the deal with a good face powder. Whether it’s loose or pressed powder, when correctly applied it gives you a polished and flawless look. Be sure to choose a powder that matches your skin tone and blends well (this will keep you from advertising the fact that you’re wearing makeup.)

Makeup Brushes and Sponges

Speaking of good blending, for your most polished look there’s nothing like high quality makeup brushes and sponges. Putting cosmetics on with your fingers may seem easier, but putting your hands on your face leaves behind whatever is lingering on your fingers: oil, bacteria and dirt.

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Good brushes and sponges help you to blend your products well and to give you that finishing touch that leaves you looking and feeling dazzling.

Blush and Bronzer

Now that you have good makeup brushes in hand, you can apply some color to your cheeks. Choosing the correct blush or bronzer leaves your skin healthy and glowing. You can look as if you’ve been kissed by the sun without the destructive damage!

Blushes and bronzers come in powder or cream. Powders can be easier to apply and refresh as needed, while creams are more long-lasting and easier to blend. Remember to pick a color that looks natural for your skin tone, and know this color may change slightly season to season.


With dedication to your skincare regimen and commitment to professional makeup application, your beauty is radiantly shining forth. To further enhance your naturally good looks, you’ve got to play up your beautiful peepers! A well-chosen [easyazon_link identifier=”B00U0HZX9Q” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”freshfaceclub-20″ cart=”y” cloak=”y” localize=”y” popups=”y”]mascara[/easyazon_link] can make your eyes pop and draw attention to the first feature that many people will notice on you.

If your lashes are a little skimpy for your liking, there are great false eyelash options out there to give you the lush look you’re searching for.

Lip Color

To complete your look, nothing gives you that touch of glamour quite like lipstick. In fact, if you only have time to apply one or two products, lipstick or lip gloss should be high on the list.

Giving your face a shot of color, applying lipstick with a brush designed for that purpose can make you look like a million bucks even if you’ve only spent minutes to achieve it.

Looking beautiful can be a breeze if you carefully choose high quality skin products. With precise application and cosmetics that enhance your natural good looks, your skin care and beauty regimen can be simple and bring out your sweet and stunning self.

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