Vinegar for beautiful skin and Hair

You must have stocked up your vanity with varied products for beautiful skin and hair. Let’s name a few of them-Cleanser, toner, scrub, and moisturizer. What about oil? Olive oil, coconut oil, Tea tree oil? Yes, you are nodding your head. Wait! But you don’t have Vinegar (Apple cider and white vinegar) in your vanity! Go straight to the kitchen, grab that bottle of vinegar and make a special space for it now. Vinegar will become an essential beauty product in the daily skincare routine. Yes, you read it right; it can be used as a beauty product and you only thought of vinegar as a regular kitchen ingredient, didn’t you?


 Here are the kickoffs regarding benefits of Vinegar.


Clarify the angry-looking acne:

The vinegar attacks the bacteria and aborts the infection. The main task is completed! Furthermore, vinegar dries out the acne and leaving behind a clear beautiful skin.


Cool off the unsightly sunburn


Beautiful Skin

The scorching heat must have left dark spots on your glowing skin even after taking all the precautionary measures to block the harmful sunrays. Apply vinegar on the sunburn and see the difference. Enjoy your time on a sunny beach and chill out.


Cease the fungal growth:

Vinegar has an excellent anti-fungal property. The not-so-good looking fungal growth on your nail or skin can be extinguished by apply vinegar in few parts of water.


Treat the painful cold sore:

Have you stopped smiling due to cold sore on your beautiful lips? You have tried numerous applications on it.

But how much effort you might need to just apply vinegar on that pain-shrieking cold sore? Nothing right? Vinegar will help to reduce the inflamed cold sore, swelling and pain. Now no one can stop you from smiling.


The itchy bug bite:

img 4

The swollen mosquito or any bug bite can leave with extreme itching and bleeding sometimes. If not taken care of it might lead to infection. Halt that process by simply apply vinegar with cotton on the bites. The wondrous property of vinegar will reduce the swelling and itching.


Strengthen your beautiful skin:

Prepare a mixture of vinegar and water and store it in a spray bottle. Once you have thoroughly cleansed your skin, sprinkle the calming mixture on the face and rejuvenate the skin.


Say Adios to the bad-smelling feet:

How much ever you do foot spas, nothing stops the stinking odor of the feet. Keep the ratio of vinegar and water 1:4, soak your feet in it, sit back and relax for 15 minutes. The vinegar reaches the tiniest of pores filled with dirt and bacteria. Remove your feet and dry it completely. Try it, you will feel the difference! Vinegar with its anti-septic property keeps your feet healthy.


Give some shine to dry, brittle locks:

Img 5

If you are the one with excessive dry and brittle hair, vinegar is for you! It gives life to the dry hair making it shiny and lustrous. Mix few drops of vinegar in water and rinse it on a thoroughly washed hair.

Word of caution: Always try a patch test on your skin before applying the vinegar. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should take advice of their doctor.

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